Credit Limit Warning During Sales Order Confirmation

Credit Limit Warning During Sales Order Confirmation

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Enforces credit limit for credit sales to your customers (Available for Odoo 8.0, 9.0, 10.0)

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Enforce Credit Limit When Confirming Sales Orders For Your Customers 

Use this App to enforce credit limit on sales orders. Get a pop-up alert when credit limit is exceeded


A Pop-up Alert

For a customer whose credit limit will be exceeded by confirming a sales order, you will receive a pop with a warning of credit limit and also other details related to the previous sales to the same customer. The warning will display the amount by which the credit limit you had previously set will be exceeded.

Previous Sales Info

The Pop-up alert will also display a summary of previous credit sales already allowed. If there is any pending invoice to be paid or a previous confirmed sales order, this info will be shown in a summary form to help you make a decision whether to confirm the current sales order or not.

Option to Confirm Order

The App will as well give you an option to go ahead and confirm the sales Order if you deem it's right to do so despite the warning.This option will be necessary if you are satisfied and convinced beyond doubt that exceeding the credit limit will do no harm to your sales plan

Include/Exclude Taxes?

If you dont want to factor in taxes when determining whether a credit limit has been passed, This app will give you a check box to tick if you dont want to factor in taxes in calculation. If taxes are not included, that means the credit limit you are setting per customer is tax exclusive.

Example: Credit Limit Warning

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A Pop-up Alert!

Here, a pop-up will appear if you try to confirm a sales order for customer with credit limit exceeded.

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