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A Team of Odoo Specialists

Welcome to Optima ICT Services LTD, where the beauty of technology meets the art of efficiency. Our handcrafted apps are designed to inspire and empower your business with the power of Odoo.

Our solutions are crafted with care, with a focus on simplicity and elegance. Our team of skilled developers has poured their hearts into creating apps that seamlessly integrate into your Odoo environment, like brushstrokes on a canvas.

From the rhythm of accounting to the harmony of inventory management, our apps offer a symphony of solutions to enhance your business operations. We believe that every business deserves to flourish and our apps are designed to help your business grow and bloom like a garden in the spring.

Our apps are regularly updated with the latest features and enhancements to keep your business ahead of the curve. We believe in supporting our customers with an unwavering commitment to excellence, with a team of experts ready to help you every step of the way.

Explore our gallery of Odoo apps and let our creations inspire you to reach new heights of efficiency and productivity. Let us help you turn your business into a masterpiece, with our Odoo Apps. 

We are based in Kericho County, Kenya. We have the passion and the technology to reach thousands of customers worldwide.

You can view and purchase our Odoo Apps online in Odoo Apps Market.

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Eng. Bernard Kipkorir Too
Lead Software Engineer
Odoo ERP