Show Payment Info on Invoice Report

Show Payment Info on Invoice Report

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Show latest payment information on your invoice reports that you send to customer. Let the customer know the payment status of his/her invoice (Odoo 8.0, 9.0, 10.0)

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Display The Payment Details On Invoice Report After Payment is Registered.

Use this App to show payment history for an invoice. It will list down all the payments made towards settling the invoice total. It will also show the balance due from customer.

Invoice Payment History

When you register full or partial payment from customer for an invoice, the payment details are not normally shown on the default Odoo invoice.This app will allow you to display the payment history and details such as the date of payment, the Reference number of the Payment, the amount paid and mode of payment(Bank/cash).

Invoice Balance and Status of Payment

If a customer makes partial payment of the invoice, The amount due after the partial payment will be registered and shown on the invoice. Also, the status of the invoice as to whether it is fully paid or not fully paid will be indicated as shown in the screenshot below. Examples of invoice status are: Pro-Forma,  Unpaid,  Partially Paid, Fully Paid, Not Issued, Overdue, Cancelled.

Example: Invoice Payment History and Status

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