Safaricom M-PESA Express (Lipa Na M-PESA Online)

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Specifications for Safaricom M-PESA Express (Lipa Na M-PESA Online)

Odoo Version 13 or 14 or 11 or 12
Latest Version: released on October 14, 2019

LIPA NA M-PESA Online (M-PESA Express) Payment System for Odoo E-commerce & Portal

This App will integrate M-pesa Express payment platform with Odoo E-commerce or Portal so that you can receive payment from your customers and validate orders instantly.

Simple, Fast, Secure, Error Free & Low Cost

Checkout Lipa na M-Pesa Online API Documentation

Multi-Currency Support.

It support all currencies in Odoo. You can sell your products and services in any currency. This payment gateway will automatically convert the price tag currency to the local M-PESA currency in your country where M-PESA services are available. You need to have updated exchange rates in Odoo.

Instant Push Notification.

When the customer clicks the "Pay Now" button, a SIM ToolKit (STK) Push notification is sent to the customer's phone requesting the customer to pay certain amount for the order placed via your Odoo Ecommerce website or portal.The Customer is promted to enter the M-PESA PIN in order to authorize and complete the payment.

Instant Order Validation.

Once the customer has paid for the order using M-PESA, your Odoo website will receive instant payment notification which is then used to process payment & validate the order instantly. You customers do not have to wait for anybody to validate and process the payment manually.

Free Support.

No need to worry once you purchase this App, you will be entitled to free support during installation, configuration and for any bugs or errors arising from this App. We shall also be conveniently available to further customize it for you to suite your form of business operations.

Payment Procedure on E-commerce

Received STK Push Notification

Lipa Na M-PESA Online API Credentials

Menu: Invoicing Configurations Payments Payment Acquirers

Other Configurations

Menu: Invoicing Configurations Payments Payment Acquirers

SIM ToolKit (STK) Push Notification

Menu: Customer's Mobile phone

Received M-PESA payment Details

Menu: Invoicing Configurations Payments M-pesa Online Details

Odoo Payment Transaction Details

Menu: Invoicing Configurations Payments Payment Transactions

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