Restrict Salespersons To Own Contacts Only

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Specifications for Restrict Salespersons To Own Contacts Only

Odoo Version 13 or 10 or 11 or 12

Restrict Your Salesperson To Their Own Contacts/Partners Only

A module to restrict your salespersons to be able to READ & EDIT their own contacts (customers and vendors) only. It also allows the salespersons to READ & EDIT contacts to which they have been added as ``followers`` of those contacts

Salesperson Must Belong To A Group

A salesperson who belongs the group known as "Access To Own Contacts Only" shall access contacts of fellow workmates (internal users), contacts which he created and also contacts to which he/she has been invited to follow. Other contacts which he/she did NOT create, will not be accessible unless he/she is INVITED to follow that particular contact by the owner of the contact or the Admin of the system. Note that Admin user belongs to the group known as "Access To All Contacts" by default. Please refer to screenshots on right and below for illustration.

Invitation To Follow Contacts

Followers of Contacts

What The Salesperson Can Now Access


This module is compatible will Odoo 12.0 Community and Enterprise editions.

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