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Specifications for PDF Document/Report Watermark & Merging

Odoo Version 13 or 14 or 11 or 12

User your own watermark in any Odoo PDF reports/documents

Upload additional PDF documents and merge with Odoo PDF reports/documents

Upload a watermark template and use it as the overlay watermark in any Odoo printed PDF reports/documents

Upload any other PDF document that you need to merge/join with the odoo printed PDF report/document

You can use a different watermark for different reports i.e watermark for invoice can be different from the watermark for sales order

There is a provision to use one general watermark for any pdf reports

Any odoo PDF report can have a watermark

New version released for Odoo 12.0 on July 13, 2019

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PDF Docs Merging Examples

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How To Use Watermark & Documents Merging (Specific Report)

Menu: Settings Technical Actions Reports
  • Search for any report e.g "invoice" and proceed to Advanced Properties tab where you can upload your watermark PDF.
  • Also if you want to add/append some extra pages to the printed PDF document, for example a page with sales terms and conditions or a promotion or advertisement, please upload the page on the "Last Page PDF" field.
  • For each report which you want to apply a watermark, please upload a watermark / letterhead PDF which is the same size as the paper format you have chosen for your Odoo reports
  • If you need more help, kindly contact our Support Team

General Settings For Watermark & Documents Merging (Any Report)

Menu: Settings General Business Documents Document Watermark Settings

Watermark & Documents Merging (Specific Report)

Menu: Settings Technical Actions Reports

Please note that if you upload a watermark for a specific report e.g Invoice, it will automatically override the watermark uploaded in the general settings.

TIP: If you require further customisation if this App, contact us

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