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Specifications for Payroll and HR System For Kenya

Odoo Version 13 or 10 or 11 or 12

Human Resource Managment & Payroll Processing Solution For Kenya

Manage your employees effectively, Automate your HR processes and workflows. Reap the benefits starting from today!


New Version Released on Jan 31, 2019

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File Your Returns in a Click

Save a lot of time and headache of beating the deadlines of filing your monthly statutory returns for KRA, NSSF, NHIF and others. All the data for your returns are processed instantly by a click of a button, saved in excel formats ready to be submitted

Unified Payroll Processing

One button, One Payroll Run, One Salary Structure, Thousands of Payslips in less than One Minute! A single unified and intelligent payroll system that picks and use payslip rules that are only applicable to a particular employee based on his or her configuration. No more repetition.

Easy, Intelligent & Flexible

Just configure your payroll once and forget! Create intelligent re-usable payslip rules and formulas that work across any form of salary structures or payment schedule. Implement new changes in payroll by slightly editing your formula without any technical knowledge or support

Unified HR Management

One Login, One Window, One Inbox but Manage Thousands of Employees! Leave requests, Overtime Requests, Attendance, Messaging, Approvals, Promotions, Recruitments, Trainings all managed in one integrated environment that meets international HR standards

P.A.Y.E Monthly Returns

In one click of a button, generate a CSV file ready to be imported into your P10_return.xlsm from KRA. Data available in the CSV includes Employee Details as well as Disabled Employees Details, Car Benefits Details and Insurance Relief Details if any. Practically, you can file your PAYE returns in less than 3 minutes!. A sample CSV file is here.

N.S.S.F Monthly Returns

In a single click of a button, generate an Excel file ready for submission. The file is accurately, formatted as required by NSSF, making it easy for you to file your returns and be compliant without using much time and resources. A sample file is here.

N.H.I.F Monthly Byproduct

In a single click of a button, generate an Excel file containing your NHIF Payroll Byproduct in a format required by NHIF. The file is ready for submission in the NSSF Byproduct online portal. Download a sample Byproduct file generated by this Payroll System here.

Other Payroll Reports

Apart from KRA, NHIF and NSSF reports, access other reports including the Net Pay Register, Payroll Summary, H.E.L.B register, SACCO registers and many more customized reports that we can do for your convenience. We are always available to customize every report you require

Kenyan Payroll Details

Capture every little detail about your employee. These include last name, first name, nationality, ID, Passport, dependents, next of kin, marital status, children, spouse, Home address, NSSF number, NHIF Number, KRA PIN, HELB details, Job title, Job description, His/her Manager, leave days, Overtime requests, Attendance and much more.

Overtime Request & Approval

Employees can login and access their profile, apply for Overtime and request for approval of the same. The approver/Manager will be notified within the internal messaging module and also via email. Once approval is done, the approved amount is automatically reflected in the next payroll run. Paid Overtime requests will be marked as paid so that they do not appear again in the next payroll month

Easy & Flexible Payroll Configuration

More than 120 Salary rules with accurate and up to date formulas have been configured. Use only one unified salary structure for all employees irrespective of their payment schedule or Job group. You don’t need to configure a lot of things when adding a new employee. The system intelligently picks the right salary rules to use to run payroll for each employee depending on the employee settings

Details for about 40 local Banks and 1500+ bank branches in Kenya have already been loaded for your convenience in accurately setting up bank details for your employees in the system.

You just need to feed in your employee details once and forget! We also assist to import existing employee details from your current system into the new system. Once your Employee details have been loaded, it takes less than a minute to run payroll for thousands of employees. Formulas are simple to understand and easy to adjust when necessary. No external support needed

Payslip come in two formats; Excel or PDF which you can easily dispatch to your employees all at once via email



NSSF Monthly Returns file

NHIF Monthly Byproduct file

CSV file for Importing to KRA P10 Form (P10_return.xlsm or P10_return.xls)

Payslip Report (PDF)

Monthly Payroll Summary (Excel)

Net Pay Bank Register (Excel)

Odoo Support Services

For bug reporting and fixing, enjoy our odoo support and development services from experienced team in Kenya

We are a highly qualified team of well-rounded software engineers and applications systems integrators specialised in open source ERP solutions for SMEs all over the world