IP Network Printer Drivers (ESC/POS)

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Specifications for IP Network Printer Drivers (ESC/POS)

Odoo Version 13 or 10 or 11 or 12
Latest Version: released on Nov 6, 2019

Drivers for IP network ESC/POS Printer for Point of sale

Allows you to connect and use your IP based ESC/POS printer in Odoo Point of Sale

With this App installed you will not require IoT Box to print POS tickets and receipts

Simply install this App and connect your POS printer to same network as your Odoo POS

Configure the IP address and port of the printer in Point of sale configuration menu

No IoT Box Required To Print.

If you do not have a IoT Box kit already and you want to start printing POS receipts, simply install this App. You will not require IoT Box kit to print receipts. The App will install drivers and utilities for printing POS receipts using IP based ESC/POS printer.

Seamless Usage & Configuration

All you need to configure is the IP address and port of the printer in Odoo POS session configuration menu. Plug in your ESC/POS IP printer to the same network as POS. Note that if you already have a IoT Box, no interference with the functionality of IoT Box except that printing function will shift to IP printer. You can disable/enable IP based printing in POS Configuration menu whenever necessary

Wide Range of Print Character Sets

This App comes with drivers and utilities that support a wide range of print character sets including cp437, cp850, cp852, cp857, cp858, cp860, cp863, cp865, cp866, cp862, cp720, cp936, iso8859_2, iso8859_7, iso8859_9, cp1254, cp1255, cp1256, cp1257, cp1258, katakana. Please countercheck with your printer model specifications

POS IP Network Printer


Menu: Point of Sale Configurations Point of Sale IP Network Printing

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